What does Mo mean in dental terms?

Tooth #3, the upper right first molar, has an MO (mesial-occlusal) gold inlay. This molar is both posterior, as well as distal, to the premolars in front of it.

What is an MO filling?

Dental fillings typically used to restore tooth cavities, but can be also used to repair broken, cracked or worn teeth.

What does do mean in dental terms?

Disto-occlusal (DO)

Usually refers to dental caries or a restoration located at the distal and extending onto the occlusal or chewing surface.

What does M mean in dentistry?

When your dentist attaches a letter to a number, he or she is referring to the side or surface area of a tooth. “M” stands for mesial, which is a medical term for the front of a tooth. “D” stands for distal, or the rear side of a tooth. Other letters are used to describe different tooth surfaces.

What do dental codes mean?

CDT Codes are a set of medical codes for dental procedures that cover oral health and dentistry. Each procedural code is an alphanumeric code beginning with the letter “D” (the procedure code) and followed by four numbers (the nomenclature). It also includes written descriptions for some of the procedural codes.

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What is a Mo composite in dentistry?

Composite Fillings. A composite (tooth colored) filling is used to repair a tooth that is affected by decay, cracks, fractures, etc. The decayed or affected portion of the tooth will be removed and then filled with a composite filling.

What is the biting surface of a tooth called?

Occlusal – You might think of this as the “top” of a tooth. It’s the surface of the back (molar and premolar) teeth that is used for biting or chewing.

What do dentists call fillings?

amalgam: a common filling material used to repair cavities.

What does it mean when dentist says 3?

During the measuring process, you’ll hear us say numbers ranging from 1 to 7, and sometimes more. These numbers reflect how deep your gum pockets are in millimeters. Anything between 1 and 3 is a good indicator that your gums are healthy.

What does it mean when dentist says buckle?

Buccal – the outer surface of the tooth that faces the cheek.

What is PA in dentistry?

A periapical (PA)X-ray refers to a single X-ray that is taken to show a specific area of concern. If you have a tooth ache, your dentist is likely to recommend a PA film to see that whole tooth including the root.

What does F F mean in dentistry?


F facial tooth surface
Fl, F2 fluoride, topical application
F/U follow-up
FUO fever of unknown origin
Fx fracture

What is dental Code D6191?

D6191 semi-precision abutment – placement

This procedure is the initial placement, or replacement, of a semi-precision abutment on the implant body.

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What are the new CDT 2021 codes?

Notable new CDT codes for 2021

  • D0604: Antigen testing for a public health-related pathogen, including coronavirus.
  • D0605: Antibody testing for a public health-related pathogen, including coronavirus.
  • D1355: Caries preventive medicament—per tooth (this can include silver diamine fluoride application)

What are the 5 tooth surfaces?

These surfaces are:

  • Occlusal – The chewing surface of the tooth.
  • Mesial – The forward side of the tooth. …
  • Distal – The back side of the tooth.
  • Buccal – The cheek-side of the tooth. …
  • Lingual – The part of the tooth that is closest to the tongue.