How do I file a dental claim with Cigna?

How do I submit a claim to Cigna?

Submitting a supplemental health claim is simple. Enter your information online and submit it directly at If you need assistance with your submission, contact us by phone at 1 (800) 754-3207 to speak with a customer service representative. We’ll help you with each step in the process.

How do I get reimbursed from Cigna?

How to fill out the claim form

  1. Download Health Care Reimbursement Request Form. HRA and HSA Reimbursement Request Form [PDF] …
  2. Read the claim form closely, and call us at 1 (800) 244-6224 if you have questions. One claim form can be used to request up to three expenses. …
  3. Mail or fax claim forms to Cigna.

Can I submit a Cigna claim electronically?

Both primary and secondary (COB) claims can be submitted to Cigna electronically. … The Medicare explanation of benefit (EOB) or electronic remittance advice (ERA) will show that those claims are forwarded to Cigna as the secondary payer.

How long does Cigna take to pay claims?

Where paper claims can take 10-15 days to pay, electronic claims typically take only 3-5 days to pay (and can be processed in as quickly as 1-2 days).

How do I submit a claim to Cigna EAP?

accepting electronic claims or paper HCFA forms, set up the EAP as an insurance company in your TherapyAppointment account, and set the claim submission type to ‘SIMPLE LIST’. Doing so will allow you to attach a ‘claim’ to the date of service and will allow you to track unpaid claims that you’re waiting on for the EAP.

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How do I submit a claim?

To file a claim you need to first obtain an itemized bill from your doctor or medical provider. This bill will list every service you received along with the cost and a special code the insurance company will need to pay your claim.