Frequent question: Is it normal for my teeth to hurt after a cleaning?

You should know that some discomfort or pain after a professional dental cleaning is common. Tooth sensitivity, or discomfort in the teeth, is often reported after a dental cleaning.

How long will my teeth be sensitive after deep cleaning?

What to Expect After Deep Cleaning of Teeth. You may notice that your teeth are sensitive for a week or two after cleaning. This is normal! Some subsequent tooth sensitivity just means that the cleaning was thorough.

How do you make your teeth stop hurting after a cleaning?

Take ibuprofen. Tartar and plaque buildup can cause your gums to swell as they respond to the cleaning. You can relieve pain after dental cleaning by taking Motrin, Advil or another type of ibuprofen an hour before your dental visit. Take another dose around six hours following your appointment.

Do your teeth hurt after a deep cleaning?

Patients are advised not to be surprised if they feel tenderness in their gums after scaling and root planing. This occurrence is normal. Even bleeding gums are expected as well. However, anyone can always counter it by being extra careful when brushing or flossing.

Should I brush my teeth after dental cleaning?

Continuing to brush and floss your teeth after they have been cleaned is the best way to maintain the work your dentist has done. Think of your teeth cleaning as a fresh slate, and brushing and flossing are a way to keep your slate clean.

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Is scaling of teeth painful?

Teeth scaling and root planing can cause some discomfort, so you’ll receive a topical or local anesthetic to numb your gums. You can expect some sensitivity after your treatment. Your gums might swell, and you might have minor bleeding, too.