Best answer: Can I use CareCredit at any dentist?

CareCredit is accepted by more than 240,000 provider and health focused retailer locations, many of whom are dentists and orthodontists. When you use the Dental Health Society’s search tool to find professionals near you, you can ask if they accept CareCredit when setting up your appointment.

Can I use my CareCredit card at the dentist?

Your CareCredit credit card can be used at over 250,000 locations nationwide for a variety of healthcare services including LASIK, veterinary, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, hearing care and more.

Where CareCredit is accepted?

CareCredit is accepted by over 225,000 health care providers nationwide, including primary care physicians, pharmacies and labs. Cardholders may use a CareCredit card to pay for copayments, deductibles and large medical expenses like emergency care or surgery.

Can I use CareCredit for oral surgery?

Yes. If approved, you can use your CareCredit credit card at locations within the CareCredit network, to finance a tooth extraction or other dental procedures or treatment. The benefit of using a CareCredit credit card is the opportunity to use promotional financing.

How hard is it to get CareCredit for dental?

For the best approval odds with CareCredit, you’ll need a credit score of 620 or higher. However, some users report approval with scores around 600. If you’re score is lower than 600 you’ll have a hard time getting approval.

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Can I use my CareCredit card on Amazon?

Currently, Amazon is unable to accept the Care Credit card as a valid payment method. … While customers cannot use the Care Credit card on, they can use the card at stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Sam’s Club.

Can you use CareCredit for over-the-counter medicine?

Your CareCredit credit card can be used to pay for health, wellness and personal care items. This means you can use your card in the following departments: Pharmacy. Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medication.

Can you use CareCredit for gas?

The Synchrony Car Care™ credit card is accepted at gas stations and auto parts and service businesses nationwide.

Can I use CareCredit on chewy?

At this time, we do not accept Care Credit.

Can I use my CareCredit card at CVS?

CVS does not accept Care Credit cards at any of their locations as of 2022. CVS customers cannot use Care Credit for prescriptions, or any other health and wellness purchases made in-store or online. Alternatively, Care Credit can be used by several other retailers for purchases, but not at CVS at this time.

Can I use CareCredit for wisdom teeth removal?

Remember, you can use your CareCredit credit card to help cover the costs of dental care, including six-month checkups, emergency visits, medications and wisdom teeth extraction. To find a qualified dental practice near you that accepts CareCredit, use the Acceptance Locator or download the CareCredit Mobile App.

Does Aspen Dental take payment plans?

Aspen Dental offices make flexible payment plans available to help you make your treatment affordable, and we pledge never to surprise you with hidden fees—we’ll provide a clear, detailed estimate on the cost of your treatment plan in writing so you know what to expect.

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Can you get veneers on finance?

Veneers Finance

Do you dream of having porcelain veneers but worry about the costs involved? … And, thanks to a range of veneer payment plans, this popular cosmetic procedure may be more attainable than you think!