Which limits patients to a predetermined list of dentists?

Which is defined as authorization by the patient to a dental benefit plan directing the insurance carrier to make payments directly to the dental provider?

Assignment of Benefits. authorization given by the subscriber or patient to a dental benefit plan, directing the insurer to make payment for dental benefits directly to the providing dentist. Attending Dentist’s Statement.

Who technically owns a patient’s dental chart?

The patient technically owns their dental chart.

What is the term used to describe a dental insurance plan where the dentist agrees to accept a set amount for each procedure?

Contracted Fee: The fee for each single procedure that a dentist has agreed to accept as payment in full for covered services provided to a member. … The copayment is usually expressed as a percentage of a dentist’s contracted fee, but can be expressed as a member’s preset share of payment for a given service.

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When a patient receives services from a dentist outside the HMO Which of the following applies to the fees?

When a patient receives services from a dentist outside the HMO, which of the following applies to the fees? Patients commonly pay their bills around their payday. If the patient usually is paid on the first of the month, when would be the date for the office to send out bills?

Which term refers to the person who is eligible for benefits under a dental benefits contract?

dependent. Individuals, such as a spouse and children, who are legally and contractually eligible for benefits under a subscriber’s benefit package. Co-payment. The amount or percentage of the dentist’s fee that the patient is obligated to pay.

What is CPT in dentistry?

Dental Procedures Reported with Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Coding. Dentists and board eligible and board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons must use the physician’s CPT procedure codes when billing complex oral surgery to PrimeWest Health.

Who owns the patient’s original dental records?

The dentist owns the physical record of the patient and is the legal guardian of the chart and its complete contents, including radiographs. While patients do not have the right to possess their original record, they do have the right to see, review, and inspect their record, and to request and obtain a copy of it.

Which team member is legally responsible for the care of the patient?

The dental team member who assesses the patient’s oral health needs and who is legally responsible for the care of the patient is: A. the dentist.

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Which is C Edmund Kells contribution to dentistry?

Dr. C. Edmund Kells, a dentist practicing in the deep South became a pioneer in the profession of dentistry and medicine with his numerous inventions and publications. His most significant invention was the surgical aspirator for dental and medical surgery, still utilized today.

Which of the following is excluded in a dental insurance plan?

Dental plans typically exclude cosmetic services (unless required by an accident), replacement of lost dentures, duplicate dentures, oral hygiene instruction, occupational injuries covered by workers compensation, or services provided by government agencies.

What does UCF stand for in dentistry?

Frequently, insurance companies state that the reimbursement was reduced because your dentist’s fee has exceeded the usual, customary, or reasonable fee “UCF” used by the insurance company.

How can the dental healthcare team can help establish sincerity with the patient quizlet?

The dental healthcare team can help establish sincerity with the patient by? Removing a physical barrier. What is an example of nonverbal communication?