What is the explorer used for in dentistry?

The dental explorer is used to check the occlusal surface of the tooth for hard tissue defects such as small fractures and pulp exposure.

What is difference between probe and explorer?

As nouns the difference between explorer and probe

is that explorer is one who explores something while probe is (surgery) any of various medical instruments used to explore wounds, organs, etc.

Which instrument is used to detect caries?

The briault is a sharp double ended probe and is used to detect caries on the mesial and distal (in between) surfaces of teeth. It’s bent shape at the end lends itself easily to help detect caries developing in between the teeth where the dentist cannot see using standard mirrors.

What is the function of periodontal probe?

Dental hygienists use an instrument called a periodontal probe, which is a small measuring device that is gently used to evaluate the health of the bone and gingiva surrounding each tooth.

What is a tweezers used for in dentistry?

Tweezers are used to place or remove small items like cotton wool pellets into the mouth safely.

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What dental instruments are used for an examination?

Examination instruments are the most often used instruments on the dental tray. They allow the dentist, dental hygienist or dental assistant to thoroughly examine the patient’s mouth. These instruments include the Briault probe, cotton forceps, explorers, mouth mirror, periodontal probe and straight probe.

What instruments are needed for a periodontal exam?

Equipment for the Periodontal Procedure

  • Patient Bib.
  • Patient Eye Protection.
  • #4 or #5 metal front surface mirror.
  • ODU 11/12 explorer.
  • Color-coded 3-6-9-12 mm periodontal probe.
  • Three 2″ x 2″ gauze pads.

How are dental caries diagnosed?

The diagnosis of carious lesions has been primarily a visual process, based principally on clinical inspection and review of radiographs. Tactile information obtained through use of the dental explorer or “probe” has also been used in the diagnostic process.

What is the 11 12 Explorer used for?

The ODU 11/12 explorer is the most commonly used instrument in calculus detection during clinical practice and in clinical licensure examinations. The instrument’s thin tip allows vibrations to transfer from the tip to the handle which enhances tactile sensitivity for the practitioner.

What is premolar tooth?

Bicuspids are also called premolar teeth because they are located between our canines and our molars in the backs of our mouths. Bicuspid is the more common name. Bicuspid or premolar teeth typically come in between ages 12 and 13. They are part of your adult teeth.

What probe is used for periodontal charting?

The PCP12 probe with Marquis markings has alternating shades every 3 mm. Unlike the previous two mentioned, the Naber’s probe is curved and is used for measuring into the furcation area between the roots of a tooth.

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What is dental Transillumination?

The Use of Transillumination to Detect Cracks in Teeth

Transillumination is the detection method that provides the most information, and easily and graphically represents whether a crack is present.