What is Crest short answer?

What is called crest?

A crest is a showy tuft of feathers on the head of a bird. … Something that resembles such a feature can also be called a crest, such as a plume on an old-fashioned helmet. The top or highest part of something is also a crest, like the crest of a hill or the crest of a wave.

What is crest in science?

A crest is a point on a surface wave where the displacement of the medium is at a maximum. A trough is the opposite of a crest, so the minimum or lowest point in a cycle.

What is the meaning of crest Class 10 English?

the top of a mountain or hill.

What is a crest in writing?

crest in American English

a heraldic device placed above the shield in a coat of arms, or used separately on seals, silverware, note paper, etc. 5. the top of anything, or the line or surface along the top; summit; ridge.

What is the crest of hill answer?

The crest of a hill or a wave is the top of it.

Which one is the crest?

The highest surface part of a wave is called the crest, and the lowest part is the trough. The vertical distance between the crest and the trough is the wave height. The horizontal distance between two adjacent crests or troughs is known as the wavelength.

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What is crest angle?

Angle – The thread angle of a screw is the angle between the threads. Crest – Crest of the thread is the top part of the grove that corresponds with the majr diameter. Flank – The flank is the angle at which the helix is raised to form a crest.

What is a crest symbol?

Crest: This symbolic object sits atop of the coat of arms. Helm: A helmet rests below the crest but above the shield. It reflects the origins of heraldry. A crown could replace or accompany the helmet.

What is a logo crest?

Crest logos are rooted in deep symbolism. Often designed after the elaborate crests made in medieval Europe, their basic makeup usually involves a shield, scroll, or two mirrored animals. Designs may also vary, with elaborate curves or any swash details to accompany the main insignia.