Quick Answer: Does Moon actually whiten teeth?

The Results. After two full weeks of using the Moon pen twice daily, I can’t say I noticed dramatic results in the whiteness of my teeth between Day 1 and Day 14. … Better yet, I experienced zero sensitivity in my teeth or my gums — something I’ve struggled with in the past with other whitening products.

Does Moon toothpaste actually whiten teeth?

In regards to the two main product claims, whitening and breath freshening, here are my thoughts. I do feel that my teeth were a bit whiter after two weeks, but nothing exceptional. I feel that the whitening is much more of a surface effect and polishing rather than any type of actual bleaching of tooth structure.

Does Kendall actually use moon?

However, a representative for the brand clarified to BAZAAR.com that “Kendall is actually not an investor in Moon. She co-collaborated with the brand and she helped create the Whitening Pen.” Jenner has fronted various prestige and mass market beauty campaigns.

How long do I keep Moon teeth whitening on?

Smile and brush a thin layer on teeth. Wait 30 seconds before closing mouth and 10-30 minutes before eating or drinking.

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Is Moon a good product?

Yes, MOON Oral Care’s collection is safe.

Only one product is accepted by ADA: the Fluoride Toothpaste. Dentists want you to use fluoride to prevent cavities, but most of MOON’s products are, as it says on the brand site, “oral beauty products.” So, the company focuses on beauty and not health.

Do Moon whitening strips work?

These strips do a good job. They are thin, gentle but effective. I definitely recommend these. These strips aren’t super gross like most brands that you have to remove after 15 minutes and then rinse out your mouth for 5 minutes.

Did Kylie Jenner get veneers?

Kylie got her full set of porcelain veneers when she was about 18. … Veneers cover the natural teeth for added shape, whitening, and polish. They’re usually made out of porcelain and can run up to $2,000 per tooth, Colgate shares. In addition to a set of veneers each, the Kardashian and Jenner sisters also trust Dr.

Who Owns Moon teeth?

Our founder Shaun Neff created MOON to transform the oral care experience into something new entirely. Better design. Better-for-you ingredients. A commitment to supporting healthy smiles around the world.

Is Moon a Kardashian brand?

Meet Moon, the aesthetically pleasing dental brand. Kendall Jenner is the latest Kardashian-Jenner to expand her business ventures. … Her latest career move is all about dental care. Dubbed Moon, it’s set to launch in Ulta in May, per WWD.

What do the Kardashians use to whiten their teeth?

Full disclosure: the Kardashian clan were no doubt paid to promote the Hi Smile Teeth Whitening Kit on their Instagram accounts, but even so after seeing Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian working on their Hollywood smiles with this curious little device, I wanted to give it a go myself.

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How often use moon whitening pen?

To get the best results, you’re supposed to use it twice a day for two weeks, waiting thirty seconds before closing your mouth after applying, and ten to thirty minutes before eating or drinking.

Do you rinse after using moon teeth whitening pen?

No, our Fluroide-Free Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste foams a light grey color and does not leave black residue in your mouth or in your sink. Rinsing is not specifically required after brushing, but we recommended brushing with our Activated Charcoal Toothpaste as you would a regular paste.

Which teeth whitening is the best?

10 Best Teeth Whitening Products (for Enamel-Safe Whitening)

  • Snow Teeth Whitening. …
  • Hismile PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit™ …
  • GLO Brilliant Deluxe Teeth Whitening Device Kit. …
  • AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit. …
  • Crest 3D Whitestrips Glamorous White. …
  • Colgate Optic White Whitening Mouthwash. …
  • Colgate Optic White Advanced LED Whitening.