Question: What states accept Adex dental?

Does Georgia accept Adex dental exam?

Jurisdictions not accepting the ADEX Dental Hygiene Examination for initial licensure are depicted in grey and include Delaware, Georgia, and Nebraska.

Is Adex the same as CDCA?

The ADEX Dental Examination is administered by CDCA in the CIF format for senior dental students and in the Traditional format for all other candidates. … Both the CIF Format and Traditional Format of the Dental Licensing Examinations are ADEX Dental examinations.

Does California accept the ADEX?

We are pleased to share the news that California will now allow candidates who pass the ADEX examination in dentistry to move forward with initial licensure. …

Does Florida accept ADEX?

Scores from ADEX Dental Licensing examinations administered in Florida are valid for 365 days after the date the official examination results are published. … -Active clinical practice of dentistry providing direct patient care within the geographic boundaries of this state.

Does Georgia accept NERB?

Does Georgia Accept the NERB? Yes. The NERB (North East Regional Board of Dental Examiners) is a good alternative for international dentists who do not have the CE (Continuing Education) requirements to get licensed in Georgia.

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Is CITA and Adex the same?

What is the difference between CITA and ADEX? CITA (The Council of Interstate Testing Agencies) is the name of our organization. ADEX (American Board of Dental Examiners, Inc.) refers to the core Dental and Dental Hygiene exams we administer.

How many times can you fail ADEX?

If you fail any portion of the ADEX exam three times, you will have to take the entire exam over.

How much is the ADEX?

The ADEX examination is offered in a traditional format or patient-centered curriculum-based format (CIF).

Dental (ADEX)

Examination Fees: Dental (ADEX)
Endodontics and/or Prosthodontics (Partial or Retake) $1,125*
Patient-Based Periodontics and/or Restorative (Partial or Retake) $1,080
DSE OSCE (Partial) $990
DSE OSCE (Retake) $400

What is the CSCE exam?

– The Computer Simulated Clinical Examination (CSCE) OSCE – is designed to assess various levels of diagnosis and treatment planning knowledge, skills, and abilities.

How do I send WREB results?

Using Google Chrome as your browser –navigate to (home page) and click on the “Request Scores” button in the middle of the page. Complete the information requested and choose the report required by your state board. Next, enter the information where you would like the score report sent.

Where is CITA accepted?

The CITA examination is recognized for licensure in a total of twenty-six (26) states/territories. Member states that help create the exam are: Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Puerto Rico.

Can a dental hygienist work without a dentist in Florida?

Any public health dental hygienist may perform dental hygiene procedures in a public health setting, without the immediate or direct supervision or direction of a dentist.

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How long does it take to get Texas dental license?

Once you pay your fee online you should receive your new license in the mail approximately 7-10 days later. Exception: Military applicants are not required to pay to activate their license. The license will be issued and mailed to the applicant after the application has been approved.