How did the dentist help Elie what happens to the dentist?

When Elie returns as instructed, the dentist is so impressed that he lets Elie go again. Soon the dentist is caught stealing some of these gold crowns and is sent to be hanged, so Elie never actually has to have his crown removed.

What happens to Elie with the dentist?

Not long after Eliezer and his father arrive in Buna, Eliezer is summoned to the dentist to have his gold crown pulled. He manages to plead illness and postpone having the crown removed. Soon after, the dentist is condemned to hanging for illegally trading in gold teeth.

What is the purpose of the dentist in night?

The objective of the dental examination was to determine which of the prisoners had gold teeth. If a prisoner had a gold filling or crown, his name was added to a list, and in a few days he was summoned to see the dentist again, so that the gold could be removed.

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What did Elie tell the dentist?

Eliezer uses trickery to keep his gold tooth. He keeps telling the dentist that he’s sick and puts off the tooth removal. At last, the dentist is punished because he’s been pocketing some of the gold crowns.

Why did Elie lie to the dentist?

The dentist was looking for prisoners with gold teeth. The teeth were pulled; the gold was removed from the teeth and stockpiled by the Nazis. … Elie was called to the dentist to extract his gold crown. He told the dentist he was ill and had a temperature.

Did the dentist give Elie a gold crown for his rotten teeth?

The dentist gave Elie a gold crown for one of his rotten teeth. Q. What did Elie Wiesel do when Idek hit his father? … He wanted Elie’s blanket.

What excuse does Elie give to the dentist so that he won’t take out his gold crown?

What excuse does Elie give to the dentist so that he won’t take out his gold crown? Elie tells the dentist that he does not feel well and that he has a fever, and asks the dentist to wait a few days before he takes out Elie’s gold crown.

Where is God now night?

“Where is God now?” And I heard a voice within me answer him: “Where is He? Here He is—He is hanging here on this gallows. . . .”

How has Elie changed in Chapter 4?

He undergoes a transformation from a child to someone else from the beginning of the Holocaust to his time in the concentration camp. Eliezer has lost his innocence, his faith, and now he is on his way to losing his Jewish morals and values.

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What was Elie’s job in the warehouse?

What was Elie’s job? He works in the electrical warehouse; counting parts and bulbs.

Why is Eliezer summoned to the dentist how does Eliezer describe the dentist what is ironic about his appearance?

He is summoned to the dentist because he has a gold tooth and the dentist is going to extract it. The dentist has rotten yellow teeth which is ironic because dentists are the people who fix your teeth so why would you go to a dentist who has poor dental hygiene himself.

Why did the dentist not pull Elies tooth in Chapter 4?

The dentist wanted to take out Elie’s gold tooth. Twice Elie said he was ill, and the dentist did not take the tooth. … Elie didn’t do anything to help his father, since he didn’t want to get hit himself. He was angry at his father for not avoiding Idek’s punishment.